MALE EXTRA WARNING! Read This Review Before Buying It

[Warning] Male Extra is the only Male Enhancement Supplement that contains Pomegranate 40% Ellagic Acid known as natural Viagra and other powerful ingredients such as L-Arginine, MSM, Creatine, Zinc and Cordyceps. It also contains 60-days money back guarantee.

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The Male Extra | Ingredients | Side Effects | Coupon | Final Verdict

Are you one of 45% men who are not satisfied with their penis size? Or, have you tried any of Penis Enlargement Products in the market? If you haven’t tried it, there is pool of them out there and if you have, most of them are scams. It’s true! More than two third of penis enlargement products do not work.

doctor recommends Male ExtraSo, is there anything on the market that works? Well, some do, at least on the reviews and product websites. Male Extra is one of those penis enlargement products which claims to increase your penis size magically in six months. Yeah, Six Months! And, many medical research and tests claim it does work. However, we know there is lot of difference between just claiming on the product website and delivering results in the market.

The question remains. Does Male Extra work? Is it worth your time and money? And, even if it does work will it make noticeable difference?

In my pursuit of finding truth about the working of Male Extra, I talked to many people who have used the Male Extra before, watched YouTube claims on the working of the product and all I found was mixed reviews. But, most of them were positive.

Many men who used Male Extra noticed results within 3-5 months. However, some of them are still taking the pills for 12 months.

If you can’t wait to increase your penis size by up to 2 inches in just 5 months then visit to place your order. However, if you have any doubt regarding this male enhancement supplement then read my detailed review below.

Before, I go all ninja into analysis of the product there are some things I need to let you know about Male Extra and how it differs from the current products in the market. Only, then I will give my final verdict on the product.

So, let’s run……….

What Can You Expect From Male Extra?

According to the MaleExtra official website, it is not just a penis enlargement product. It is male enhancement product. Male Extra will supposedly increase your penis size along with the erection time and reduce all the problems of premature ejaculation.

Male ExtraThey state that it is all done by unique pomegranate extract in the product that will increase the flow of blood in the penis. Moreover, pomegranate also increases the flow of blood to the other parts of the body making it free supplement for other health advantages.

Through my search, tiresome effort of watching the videos of the men who have used the product, I found that many people got extra advantages from the product. They noticed change in length and girth of penis along with the stamina to last longer, and overall sexual performance.

So, you can expect to get increase in sexual performance and size of your penis. Moreover, it is easy to get Male Extra. You don’t need to get through tedious process of doctor’s prescription, medical examination and embarrassment that comes with using penis enhancement product when people find out you do. Since, Male Extra is made from natural methods it is 100% safe to directly order from the official website.

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What Makes Magic Happen: Ingredients of Male Extra?

Male Extra is made with natural methods and has unique set of ingredients never used on male enhancement product.


pomegranateYeah, you heard it right! Male Extra contains the organic pomegranate you have sometimes. Why? Because, pomegranate is proved sexual enhancement agent. It is proved by study that pomegranate can cure erectile dysfunction and other serious sexual shortcomings on daily intake. Here is link to the research –

Now, you might be thinking “Why can’t I just take pomegranate on my own and save money?”. Well, you can. But, it takes lot of time to achieve the results.

Male Extra uses their special methods to turn the pomegranate into power juice, and has no intention to share anytime soon.


L-arginine moleculeEven though L-Arginine sounds like something straight out of books you threw after school, but for those who don’t know it is natural amino acid in the body, breaking down into Nitric oxide. And, Nitric oxide is very important agent for the proper blood circulation. Hence, proving it as awesome agent for sexual enhancement.

L-Arginine increases the blood flow into penis along with other parts of body and provides chance for your bigger, better and strong penis

Male Extra contains 600mg of L-Arginine, very high concentration, making the product perfect for increasing your blood health along with the improvement in the performance of your love muscle.

Methyl Sulfonyl Methane (MSM)

Methyl Sulfonyl Methane (MSM)MSM, the organic form of the sulphur, is found in the body of every living organisms including you. However, if you don’t have enough MSM in your body your body might not be able to do its daily routine of replacing the old dead cells with new ones.

So, Male Extra uses Sulphur in MSM to provide those extra cells for those extra inches you were looking for. Additionally, MSM can increase your blood circulation and sexual stamina.


CreatineIn simple words, creatine is what give you six packs, gorgeous abs and muscles. It is the form of protein that is used to increase the muscle mass and performance.

Creatine will not help your penis, but also help your body to lose unnecessary fat and increase your sexual performance.


CORDYCEPSCordyceps is the magical ingredient found in almost any sexual enhancement pills. Why? Because it works. So, Male Extra uses cordyceps as the agent to solve unnecessary sexual problems and conflicts that are stopping your penis growth to full potential.

Additionally, it is the key in the production of Male sex hormone testosterone.


ZincLast but not least, zinc is the key to sexual health, at least according to Men’s Health Magazine. Since, zinc flows with every bit of sperm, having enough amount of zinc can improve the amount you ejaculate.

Male Extra contains 45 mg of Zinc that mean higher sperm production.

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Does Male Extra have any side effects?

Even though the official website claims to have non-existent side effects, I believe no product in the world in perfect. So, it has some side effects too. I found people on some forums reporting of minor headaches, and slight dehydration. But, I prefer to say it’s worth it.

However, Male Extra does not have any prolonging side effects that can cause serious trouble to your health. It is made by all natural methods and guarantees you safety of your health and your love muscle.

Is There Any Male Extra Coupon?

MaleExtra official website offers great discount coupons on festivals and holidays but currently there is no coupon available.

However, if you click the button below then you will get two additional MaleExtra bottles and 2X Prosolution Gel completely FREE in the 4 month package ($249.90). Additionally, this package will save you $319.

It is important to remember, every order is protected with 67 days full money back guarantee (60 days + 7 days delivery). After 60 days if you are not satisfy with the results then you can simply send empty bottle with unused bottle and get your money back without any trouble. (You will get entire money of your order excluding shipping).

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Final Verdict: Should you go for it?

Even though Male Extra seems like any other penis enhancement product, but it stands out too. It uses unique and natural methods, and has safe price and no side effects. Additionally, it is proven to be successful on many men prior to some exception.

Many of you might be suffering from problem of being not satisfying to your sex partner or yourself, or unsatisfied by your penis. However, your sex performance is not always about you performing but your perception too.

Anyway, Male Extra will you help you achieve sound sex life if you use it wisely and safely. So, if you are pushing for extra inches and extra minutes to impress your sex partner, definitely go for it.

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